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On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

Ally + Me | Hobart

Ally + Me | Hobart


Ally + Me is a cornucopia of quality. A perfectly curated collection of clothes and accessories, and some homewares. I stop by regularly to feel up all the beautiful things on the racks and shelves.

Di Kelly and her daughter Ally Kelly opened the store in 2012. The two are a dynamic duo with a wonderful aesthetic. The store reflects their penchant for Scandinavian design and most recently, Japandi (it’s a new thing, Google it).


The especially wonderful thing about Di and Ally are their specific views on sustainability. These views are reflected in the items they stock. The garments in their store aren’t just pretty, they are also made from quality fabric, and are designed to be relevant season after season. The idea that an item could be out of fashion in 6 months, and therefore no longer worn, is ugly and wasteful to them. There is no place for that in their store.


Di and Ally are firm believers that clothes should be excellent quality, made from natural fibres, and have little impact on the environment. They also believe clothing ought to be ethical so they ensure their stock is produced in a socially responsible way. They have pretty high standards!

And if you think running an amazing store, filled to the brim with incredible products isn’t enough, Di and Ally also have their own clothing label - Beech. You can find it stocked at Ally + Me.

It’s so wonderful to see two such resolute and strong women doing such wonderful things in Tasmanian fashion. They’re both also incredibly nice and love welcoming people into their beautifully curated sanctuary.


K xx

Find more information about Ally + Me on their website, Instagram, and Facebook

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Wanderlust Trading Co | Hobart

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