Cocoon Designs | Penguin

Is small town shopping the best kind of shopping? Quite possibly, especially when the town has amazing stores like Cocoon Designs in Penguin, Tasmania. Filled to the brim with incredible stock, both new and found, it’s worth a sticky beak. But don’t expect to walk away empty handed!

Stanton | Magra

There's something about a well run bed and breakfast that feels luxurious. They are so comfortable and can instantly make you feel relaxed. I'm spilling the beans on a place I stayed at that made me feel removed from all my worries, and spoilt me completely rotten. 

Ecoco | Launceston

I can never visit Launceston without poking my head in at Ecoco. This store crush has lasted a while, in fact I might be head over heels! The store is so beautifully curated that I feel like I'm strolling through an some exotic market somewhere. Owner Di, puts so much thought and care into her shop that the space is completely filled with items that beg you to take them home (I tried explaining this my fiance when I came home with a few items recently...)