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Wine Glass Bay | East Coast Tasmania

Wine Glass Bay | East Coast Tasmania

Freycinet is definitely a Tasmanian place you have to visit. Put it on your list. It’s a National Park on the east coast where the scenery leaves its mark on you.

The thing that most impresses me are the Hazards, a range of rocky mountains that rise up and then plunge back down into the crystal clear ocean around them. They’re made of granite and at any time of the day their sparkly substance catches the light giving them an amazing pinkish glow. Every time I see them I’m reminded why I love the east coast so much. I feel it in my heart.


On our recent Freycinet visit we camped at the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife campground along Richardson’s beach. It’s a beautiful spot with flat campsites nestled amongst native flora right next to the water. You can hire one for a small fee. Toilets and bbq facilities are provided. There are also plenty of Airbnb on the peninsula as well as a few hotels to choose from.


On this trip we camped for two nights but I feel like one full day just isn’t enough. We basically had just settled in before it was time to pack up again. I find that travelling with Teddy means it takes a little longer to find my rhythm - getting him used to his surroundings for sleeps etc.


The main reason for our trip was David’s triathlon at Coles Bay. Teddy and I cheered him on from the sidelines but I didn’t really take too many photos or plan too much outside of that event. We did manage to do the walk to Wineglass Bay though. Last time I did that was in grade 10 with my adventure recreation class.

The walk to Wineglass Bay is beautiful. It was harder than I remembered (hello stairs), but certainly still a gorgeous, short walk. Tasmania Parks and Wildlife have done an amazing job with the track construction - all the curves and detailing blend so perfectly with the environment around it. I loved wondering through the coastal bush with the granite formations seemingly “plonked” throughout. It’s pretty unique. Plus the heat of the day made the scent of eucalyptus permeate the air and the whole place smelt divine.


I wouldn’t recommend this walk if you just want to go to a pristine, East Coast beach. I think if you want to see Wineglass Bay as part of the hike then yes, it’s wonderful. But if you’re not into walking, or you don’t like crowds, then this is not for you. There are a lot of tourists that visit Wineglass Bay now, and while we were there a small cruise boat was making its way across the bay, so the walk certainly wasn’t particularly serene. When you reach the sand there are a lot of other people there, catching their breath and taking in the views. Certainly beautiful but if you want that feeling of having a pristine beach to yourself Wineglass Bay may not be it.


Tasmania’s east coast has always been a special place for David and I and I can’t wait to camp here, in Freycinet, again soon!

K xx

Feel free to comment with your favourite east coast beach. There are so many beautiful bits of coast to suit any experience.

Find information about visiting Freycinet on the Discover Tasmania Website, and visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife website for information before visiting a national park.

Naomi Chandler | adventure mum

Naomi Chandler | adventure mum