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Fagus | Mount Field National Park

Fagus | Mount Field National Park

Baby or not this year I was determined to see the Fagus in all it's autumnal glory. For those who don't know Fagus, or Nothofagus gunnii, is Tasmania's only native deciduous tree. It's rare, delicate, beautiful, and actually rather special.


I rugged us up as best I could, put gloves (socks) on the baby's hands (I think he's still furious), and made the scenic trip through Southern Tasmania's beautiful Derwent Valley.


The plant is completely magical. It has tiny leaves; is sometimes called tanglefoot because its branches are a bit crazy; and it lights up the muted, Tasmanian alpine palette like Las Fagus (ha!). It's leaves glow vivid yellow, orange, and red before they all drop off for winter dormancy.


There are only a few places you can see this gorgeous plant and Mount Field National Park is one of them. While we were there Teddy and I also completed the short walk to Russell and Horseshoe Falls, taking in the temperate rainforest sights, sounds, and smells.


Find more Fagus information on the ABC Science website (it's actually quite an ancient and interesting plant).

Or visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife website which includes information on when and where to see Fagus, including the annual Turning of the Fagus weekend.

If you want to stay in the area, or need a few recommendation of what else to see while you're there you can find more information on the Stanton post.

Naomi Chandler | adventure mum

Naomi Chandler | adventure mum

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