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Tasmanian E-bike Adventures | Hobart

Tasmanian E-bike Adventures | Hobart


Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures electric bike tour through some of Tasmania's pristine wilderness. 


Bangor, a privately-owned property located less than an hour from Hobart on the hidden Forestier Peninsula in Tasmania’s exquisite South East.


Tours can be arranged on a day and time that's mutually convenient.


The experience:

I recently joined Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures on a tour of Bangor. There were seven of us on the tour, including tour operator Ben and another guide.

We met outside the Bangor Wine and Oyster shed, where we decanted into Ben’s 4WD, and drove deeper into the private property together. Bangor is owned by the folks who run the Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed. The property is still actively farmed but thankfully they share it with special guests.

It took roughly 30 minutes to get to the area where we were to mount our bikes. Amazingly, along the way, we saw a wedge-tail eagle after it dipped in front of the car and landed on a stump.


Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures provides quality tours aimed at anyone with a reasonable, general level of fitness seeking an adventurous way to experience a pristine part of Tasmania. They provide super nice, luxurious, German engineered electric bikes that are made for rough terrain. With my limited experience riding bikes, and zero bike fitness, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to participate in the tour if it wasn’t for the electric power.

Thankfully I wasn't the only one on the tour who didn't have much cycling experience, particularly on rough terrain. Ben led the group slowly so we were all able to keep up and get a chance to find our feet. I happily discovered the turbo button and took great delight in zooming uphill.


The scenery we cycled through was beautiful. Some areas were damp and carpeted in moss, then as we moved higher the vegetation thinned into dramatic, dry sclerophyll with enormous sheoaks. On close inspection there were even tiny, native orchids underfoot. Overhead we continued to see wedge-tail eagles gliding, as well as smaller birds flitting around.


The highest part of the track is where we stopped for our break. Fresh Tasmanian apples were handed out but if that sounds sounds too healthy we also gorged ourselves on brownies. For those who book a full day tour there is also a gourmet lunch to look forward to and I hear it’s pretty good!


Our snack spot was the lookout over Cape Frederick Hendrick. The views from the elevated position were stunning. Ben happily imparts his knowledge of the area’s historic significance to ensure everyone on the trip connects to the long, rich history of the place we’re exploring. This includes the stories of european explorers in the area, as well as the Tasmanian aboriginals who have such an important association with the land.

Before we knew it it was time to make our way back - but not before a quick pit stop at two mile beach to take in the views.


We make it back to the car in no time at all. While we were gone the area around the car became completely taken over by wombats. They looked so adorable making their way across the fields, away from the approaching bikes.


Ben takes care of putting away the bikes while the rest of us feast on the leftover brownies. There was some discussion that the calories may not have been entirely deserved…

I had a sensational day exploring a beautiful, secluded portion of Tasmania’s coast. Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures is a fantastic experience with a big focus on quality. I came away from my adventure feeling a deeper appreciation for how great our island is, and how wonderful it is that there are passionate people, like Ben, who are willing to share these experiences with us.

To make bookings and find more information about Tasmanian E-Bike Adventures visit their website.

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