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On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

Roaring 40s Kayaking | Hobart

Roaring 40s Kayaking | Hobart


Roaring 40’s Kayaking is an established Hobart tour company that offers a range of kayaking tours in Southern Tasmania.

For adventurous souls, who are confident their arms won’t fall off, they offer multi-day paddling tours in Tasmania’s remote South West. For the rest of us, who have no such confidence, there are a variety of shorter tours - like the Hobart City tour. This is the tour I participated in at the invitation of Adventure Tasmania, a Tasmanian tour and accommodation booking company.


The adventure started at Marieville Esplanade - not far from Wrest Point Casino. Our guides (co-owner Reg Grundy and guide Sue Beaumont) spent time ensuring everyone understood the safety requirements: 

  • how to use the kayaks;
  • what to do if there’s a problem; 
  • fitting us into our waterproof and safety gear. 

As you can imagine Roaring 40’s takes safety very seriously.

The rest was all fun, even getting used to the paddling wasn't too difficult.

We were launched from a small sandy strip and it felt quite adventurous slipping into the waters of the Derwent.

You sit so low in a kayak - it’s more like being sunken into the surface of the water than sitting on it and it feels equally humbling and exhilarating. There’s so little buffer between you and getting wet.


It was from this, sunken vantage point that we journeyed from Sandy Bay into Hobart. Along the way we got to see beautiful, waterfront homes, and spectacular Mount Wellington. We passed across the Sydney to Hobart finishing line and then rounded the CSIRO corner, after which we entered Hobart’s beautiful harbour. It was at this point that we got to experience other boats coming and going, including the MONA ferry. It’s surprising how hectic the harbour can get.


For lunch Reg tied our kayaks to a buoy close to the famous Hobart fish punts. The tour includes fish and chips which we got delivered straight from the punt into the kayak. It was a huge treat to devour a crispy golden fish and chip lunch from the kayak’s cosy confines.


Before making the trip back Reg and Sue took us towards the cruise ship anchored in the harbour to experience it up close. It felt very odd to be so small and be so dwarfed by such a gigantic ship. It was an intimidating experience and probably something I’ll never get to witness again.


The trip is suited to all fitness levels. There was no pressure to hurry, or to paddle hard. The Hobart City tour is suitable for children over the age of seven through to adults and no prior kayaking experience is necessary. It’s very inclusive.


Roaring 40’s was established in 1996 and is proudly locally owned. It has received various awards at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards, and the Australian Tourism Awards, as well as receiving multiple Tripadvisor awards.

The company is passionate about Tasmania and the State’s natural environment and they are committed to doing their bit to ensure Tasmania remains beautiful and wild. The company supports Wildcare, and Save the Tasmanian Devil program, as well as the Green Guardians program.

If you’re looking for a unique perspective of Hobart, or an opportunity to venture into some of Tasmania’s wilder places then Roaring 40’s might be able to help.


k xx

Learn more about Roaring 40’s Kayaking on their website and Instagram

A big thank you goes to Adventure Tasmania for inviting me to participate. 
They also made a Youtube video of our day on the water.

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