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On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

Tasmanian mum musings | nursery styling

Tasmanian mum musings | nursery styling

Teddy’s nursery is a peaceful space just across the hall from our dining/kitchen area. It used to be David and my room but we wanted to make it the nursery because it’s closer to the wood heater.

I had a fairly practical wishlist:

  • David and I didn’t want to do any painting!
    The space was already blue and if we had a boy or a girl it was going to stay that way;
  • I didn’t want it to be too “baby”
    I like things that are fairly gender neutral with bold colours and texture;
  • I definitely didn’t want a space that’s matchy matchy
    A lot of the things on the shelves are gifts from friends or trinkets I've picked up on travels. Almost every piece is meaningful in some way and not just purchased because it fits a colour scheme;
  • I wanted to support local business with my purchases where possible;
  • I wanted to be sustainable in my choices
    One of the biggest ways I decided to do this was to choose items that have longevity. Other than the cot and the change mat everything can be repurposed in other rooms of the house.

My favourite bits:

  • The hanging chair:
    I love it but it was the bit I was most nervous about. I was worried that it wouldn’t be comfortable for feeding. I shouldn’t have worried. I do nearly all of Teddy’s night feeds in there and I doze off with him in my arms almost every time. It’s definitely comfortable. I like the thought that when Teddy’s older it will probably still be in his room. Probably being used as a trapeze prop or for rowdy swinging. You can pick up one of these hanging chairs from Interior Motives Aus.
  • The woollen blanket:
    I wanted a blanket that will be on Teddy’s bed or sofa for the rest of his life. It’s not a “baby blanket” but a beautiful, iconic, Tasmanian Waverley Mills blanket. It’s extremely soft and made from recycled fibres. It’s the perfect keepsake.
  • The cot:
    The cot was from Babyland in Launceston. It’s an Australian made Cocoon Furniture piece. It started out as a round bassinet which we wheeled around the house. It was perfect for when Teddy slept in our room, or we’d have him in the lounge room with us in the evenings. It’s standard cot size now and will continue to evolve as Teddy gets bigger. It still gets wheeled around the house for when I want a playpen to keep teddy contained.
  • The book shelves:
    I assembled these myself when I was on maternity leave before Teddy was born. It was a hot summers day and I remember struggling to get the nails to go in straight. I love them though and we often pick out books to read while swinging in the hanging chair.
  • The rug:
    I love rugs. I love the depth of colour, the patterns, and the texture. I think it adds lots of warmth to the room and the best bit about rugs with patterns like this is that they never really look dirty… I got this one from The Oriental Rug Hobart.
  • The change table:
    I repurposed an old desk David and I bought when we first moved in together. I’m short so it’s the perfect height and I love that I don’t have to bend down to scrounge around underneath for nappies and wipes.

List of suppliers:
Baskets on the topshelf - Zaabre
Basket on the lower shelf - Ricketty Rix Antiques
Plant pots - Verde West Hobart
Ceramic buildings - Leap and Wander
Ceramic bell over change mat - Birds Bells
Embroidered pennant over change mat - Billy C Diggs
Change mat - Ciguena Bebe
Woollen slippers - The Sheep's Back Launceston
Woollen wheat pack - Bellebird handmade
Hanging chair - Interior Motives Aus
Rug - Oriental Rug Hobart
Cot - Babyland Tasmania
Watercolour paintings are my own
Woollen Blanket - Waverley Mills

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