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Tasmanian mum musings | Ergo Baby Swaddle

Tasmanian mum musings | Ergo Baby Swaddle

Teddy has always loved to be swaddled for sleep. Like a lot of new mums I bought a bunch of muslin wraps and bunny rugs to wrap my precious newborn in. And like most new mums I quickly realised they Houdini their way out of those wraps quick smart. 


I bought my first Ergobaby Swaddlers online soon after Teddy was born. They are so good that I've now moved him into the larger size and I'll keep using them until we can no longer wrap our little Teddy bear. 

And I'm not the only one chuffed with the Swaddlers - Teddy loves getting wrapped up. It wasn't even nap time but he was super compliant for these photos. I imagine they make him feel safe and secure - just like being in his dads strong arms.


The saddlers are available in various colours and patterns. The original ones I purchased were hedgehogs and elephants. The fabric is made from cotton and suitable for all seasons. I love how they're soft and stretchy and allow a bit of wriggle room for Teddy. The design puts Teddy's arms in a "hands on heart" position, which is what babies naturally do in the foetal position. His legs are able to bend up and out at the hips which is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplacia Institute as a healthy position for the hips.

For more information about Ergobaby Swaddlers visit the Ergobaby website.

I was gifted these natural toned Swaddlers by Ergobaby but I had previously purchased some myself. They're an excellent product that we use every night as an important part of our bedtime routine.


K xx

Please make sure you read the safety instructions for any baby product you use, and consider if the product is safe for you and your baby.

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Tasmanian Mum Musings | balancing motherhood

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