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5 Benefits of Being Blogged About | Online Musings

5 Benefits of Being Blogged About | Online Musings

Ever wondered if or why you should be blogged about? Maybe a blogger contacted you and you weren’t sure if it was worth your while? It can be hard to understand why a blogger collaboration could be good for business.

Well there are at least 5 good reasons why it’s a good idea.


1. SEO and higher Google rankings:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and the better you do it the higher Google and other search engines will lift your results when people search your keywords. 

Your SEO will get boosted when a blogger: 

  • Mentions your business name (multiple times) in association with keywords related to your business
  • Provides links back to your website, also known as backlinks or inbound links

How do these things help your SEO:

  • the blogger will be mentioning your business name lots of times - the more places your name crops up the more favourably it will be ranked by search engines.
  • websites that have a big network of backlinks, or inbound links as they're sometimes called, will be seen as more popular and therefore given higher priority in search results. 

You need to make sure that the collaborations you foster make sense:

  • the backlinks need to have credibility 
  • the keywords need to fit within the context of the other site
  • potential customers or online users need to understand why they’re being led from the other website back to yours 

Make sure you’re collaborating with businesses that have:

  • a similar customer base to you
  • a similar aesthetic

2. Word of Mouth and Online Recommendations

A third party saying nice things about you is more credible than saying nice things about yourself. 

As an example:
Mum tells everyone their child is advanced for it’s age = could be true but mum’s biased
Teacher tells everyone a child is advanced for it’s age = way more credible.

Blog posts in particular tend to be credible sources for information because they are more closely linked to an individual's credibility, and their own online credibility, as opposed to reviews on Tripadvisor or Google, which can be a bit malicious at times - and you don’t know if it was the person’s mum who was writing the nice reviews.

It’s also an opportunity to tap into positive media and you get to spread it around like confetti at a wedding! Don’t waste that good media and make sure you show that blog post to anyone interested in what you’re doing. You can link to it from your website, Facebook, Instagram, even email it to your networks. 

Bloggers writing about you are going to say nice things. Those nice things will be on the internet which will be available for all to see. Once it’s up it’s there forever!


3. Online Content Creation

Bloggers create content that can save you thousands of dollars. 

When bloggers write a post they are are creating words and photographs that you get to use - often for free. Do you know how much a journalist gets paid per word? Definitely more than a blogger. Have you employed a professional photographer lately? It’s a big investment. 
(I’d still recommend you employ one of Tasmania’s amazing photographers for a special project like creating images for your webpage or a brochure. They will make you products look amazing).

Have you ever admired a bloggers photographs? If they write about you they might let you use them for free as long as you credit them. This is a great way to ensure you have a beautiful stash of images to cycle through your website and social media to keep them looking fresh. 


4. Reach Out to More Potential Customers

This one is pretty obvious. Someone spreading the word about you through their networks is going to reach new, potential customers. It’s worth casting your net wider than your own networks from time to time. 

You will immediately spread awareness about you and your brand and gain new customers.


5. Friendship

If the points above haven’t convinced you that a blogger collaboration could be worth your while,  then maybe the lure of friendship will work? Believe it or not social media is about being social. 

Since I started my blog about Tasmania I’ve made some wonderful friendships that would never have happened otherwise. I started my blog so I could have an excuse to engage with the Tasmanian businesses and people that I admire and to make friends in a city I was new to. I feel lucky to have met and been inspired by the people I have met so far on this blogging journey.



In most cases bloggers are just passionate people who like helping the businesses and the people they admire. Talk to most bloggers and they’ll tell you they don’t make money from their blog, and they squeeze it around a full time job. They may or may not get things for free to write about sometimes, but, as covered above, they are offering intangible benefits in return. 

In a world where online presence is so crucial for business success it might be worth thinking about your local blogger and re-considering that collaboration.


If you want to read more on the subject there's a great post over at Captain and Co - a fellow Tasmanian blogger with some great insights. I'd highly recommend checking out some of the the posts while your there!

PS the images in this post were created for Tasmanian businesses that I have written and posted about. 

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