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On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

Digital Dandy | Tasmania

Digital Dandy | Tasmania

I recently attended a workshop, run by Digital Dandy in collaboration with Tasmanian Photographer, Natalie Mendham, called An Introduction to Visual Content. It was all about maximising your smartphone and explored how we can utilise the smartphone to boost business and online presence. I was pretty stoked to attend.

Jen Murnaghan is a natural communicator with a background in design whose been building her business, Digital Dandy, since early 2015. One of the things Digital Dandy offers is classes and workshops about the power of social media, and how best to harness it. Jen's workshop co-conspirator this day was photographer, Natalie Mendham. Natalie has an impressive photographic portfolio and and a very distinct personal style. Her Instagram account has an enormous following (over 30,000 at the time of writing this) and I was keen to hear her social philosophy.

I arrived at Digital Dandy HQ and bagsed one of the gorgeous, vintage school desks for the session. Digital Dandy operates out of a historical cool-store, which has been lovingly restored, and there was coffee, tea, and Pigeon Whole treats to keep students fueled up for the session.

The session covered basic marketing information, branding, developing your own voice and story, iPhone photography tips, and lots more.

I found the whole day inspiring. As well as learning new information about branding and social media, I was encouraged to reflect on my own message and what’s important to me. I also got to network with a fantastic group of people who surprisingly all shared some very similar interests and goals.

Digital Dandy is running their final workshop for the year very shortly, but don’t worry, they’ll be back again next year!


K xx

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