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Welcome to my blog.

On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

Ettie's | Hobart

Ettie's | Hobart


Ettie's Bar and Bottleshop


100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart


For opening hours and bookings visit the Ettie's website.

The Experience:

Etties is a European style bistro centrally located in Hobart. It’s the sort of place you dream of finding down a narrow lane in Paris. It’s both a wine bar and bistro so it’s the perfect place for a sit down meal or a casual drink.


The exceptional staff at Etties would describe their food as humble fare but each dish champions high quality, Tasmanian ingredients. Sophisticated in its simplicity. The surrounds feel fresh and uncluttered, blending features from the refurbished old building and stables with natural cool tones.


David and I visited Etties for a Mother’s Day set menu. It was my first Mother’s Day and the venue made me feel very spoilt. Dishes included: house made sourdough; chicken liver parfait; octopus and potato salad; mussels, fennel, pernod and cream; pressed lamb shoulder; and a slice of both lemon and chocolate tarts.


K xx


Moveat | New Norfolk

Moveat | New Norfolk

The Lounge by Frogmore Creek | Hobart Waterfront

The Lounge by Frogmore Creek | Hobart Waterfront