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Sweet Envy | North Hobart

Sweet Envy | North Hobart


Sweet Envy 


North Hobart, Tasmania


Visit the website or Facebook page for opening hours and further details

The Experience

There’s something a little bit fantastical about visiting Sweet Envy. This little bakery/patisserie/cafe is located on North Hobart’s busy restaurant strip and is a retro oasis of sinful decadence.

It’s one of those spots that draws your eye as you go past thanks to the minimal styling in the windows, which would be pretty bear if it wasn’t for the all the stunningly decorated cakes. 


Sweet Envy is run by Tasmanian creative dream team Alistair Wise and Teena Kearney-Wise. They’re in charge of the kitchen and make all the delectable things you see in store. Both completed their formal training many years ago at Hobart institution La Cuisine. They say their varied and creative (and sometimes crazy, Willy Wonka-esque) flavours are inspired by the beautiful, fresh Tasmanian produce they source seasonally. They create beautiful sweet treats to enjoy in-store or takeaway, special occasion cakes for birthdays and weddings, and also a great range of savoury treats, sandwiches, and freshly baked breads.


The cafe has been running for nearly 7 years and was started by the pair after a stint working for Gordon Ramsay in New York “which was very serious and high Pressure”. It was the perfect opportunity to slow down a bit and have some fun.

When asked what her favourite part of working amidst the deliciousness of Sweet Envy is Teena responds:
“Different days bring out different favourites. Some days you think wow the croissants look so flaky with all their buttery goodness; other days you see ice cream running down a child's fingers and see the distress on their face as they are licking, trying not to waste a drop; and then you see a table full of people, all with their cake of choice, smiling from ear to ear. It puts things into perspective. We are making people happy”.

Sweet Envy Croissants

It’s Sweet Envy’s mission to ensure its customers have fun and indulge. The amazing array of products and flavours are there to be explored, making each visit a delicious adventure.

Sweet Envy can be found on their website or Facebook page.

Many faces of enjoying a North Hobart Sweet Envy cupcake
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