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Frank Restaurant and Bar | Hobart

Frank Restaurant and Bar | Hobart


Have you been to Frank? - That’s what I ask people who are looking for a Hobart restaurant recommendation.

I’ve been there many a time and each visit makes me want to write about it. Everything is always perfect:

  • The drinks
  • The food
  • The service

When I visit Frank I love nothing more than settling in for a long dinner with plenty of cocktails, but this time was little different. This time I went try the brand new lunch menu the guys have created. I was more than a little excited.


The new menu incorporates all the beautiful South American influences we all expect from Frank. The added bonus is they’ve made them super speedy. These meals are aimed at anyone looking for a bite of lunch before heading back to the office. They can have you fuelled up and back at your desk within an hour.

It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a Hobart waterfront lunch destination to share a meal with a colleague/friend/visiting relative and, unless you’re playing it straight, a sneaky wine/beer/cocktail from their extensive menu probably won’t go astray.


I was delighted with how fresh and light the lunch menu is. As you would expect there’s lots of protein, including some beautiful seafood, but there’s also lots of fresh, seasonal produce. Think fresh figs tossed through salads and delicious, colourful beetroots. For the sweet tooth among us there’s even a few dessert options.


I visited Frank with my husband David and some friends. We opted to let the waiter pick a bunch of choices from the menu and we all shared everything. I love it when you can do this at a restaurant. It means you don’t have to make decisions as a group, and it takes the guess work out of knowing how many dishes will be enough!


While I heartily recommend you go to Frank for the empanadas alone, the restaurant is more than just good food - it’s also about beautiful design. Much of the furniture is bespoke, and the graffiti artwork throughout the venue was created especially for the space by Tasmanian artist Jamin (who has also done work for MONA). I particularly love the charcoal chandelier and matching chair, which was originally designed and created by Dutch artist Maarten Baas for his series Smoke.


But look around and you’ll see all kinds of curiosities - you might even find yourself sitting on a one of a kind piece of art. The mastermind behind this composition is interior designer Georgina Freeman. 


Next time you’re wondering where to perch yourself for a delicious lunch I’d suggest you consider Frank. The food is amazing and everything on the menu is quick and well priced.


K xx


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