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Ranelagh General Store | Huon Valley

Ranelagh General Store | Huon Valley

In a small country town, set amongst some of Tasmania's gorgeous scenery, is the Ranelagh General Store (RGS). Located south of Hobart this amazing eatery is well worth a trip out of town. 

You may expect supplies and sundry at a general store, and there is some of that at RGS, but what you really visit for are the mouthwatering burgers, fries, milkshakes, and other delicious morsels they're serving up. 

I first visited RGS when I was passing through the area with some friends for a hens weekend. We stopped there for lunch and I knew, as soon as the food came out, that I would be visiting again.

The talented couple behind RGS are Peisha McHeyzer and Tim Ditcham. Some may know them from their other popular business Jam and Bread. 

On my recent visit to RGS I ordered, and promptly scoffed, the Daisy burger - a satay chicken burger with an asian style slaw, and David had the Charles - a lamb burger with preserved lemon baba ganoush and tabouleh. Our burgers were accompanied by some scrumptious furikake fries, and a chocolate and fresh raspberry milkshake.

What makes RGS burgers so special is the range of flavours, and the focus on fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced in ingredients. Chef Tim has been cooking for close to 20 years and can count Luke Mangan's Salt, and Tetsuya in Sydney as places he's worked. With credentials like those it's no surprise he's willing to be creative, and takes pride in making everything from scratch. The flavours are inspired by spices and cuisines from all across the globe including Japan, Morocco, and South East Asia.

When I asked Peisha how they chose the location her response was "the location chose them". Both are passionate about art deco style and the 1940s general store has been beautifully remodeled by the pair using recycled materials - the lights above the counter are made from old brewers bottles. They both appreciate the natural beauty of the Huon Valley, and also the wonderful community that surrounds them.

As well as offering burgers, RGS runs fish nights every Friday and Sunday roasts on the weekend. In a small community like Ranelagh it's a wonderful spot for locals and visitors alike to come together and feel connected. There are regular customers who will turn up each week. Peisha curates the beautiful stock in the store. Items like pastas and preserves, fresh, local vegetables, and Tasmanian beauty products. 

David and I left Hobart after work one Friday and made RGS our dinner destination. It was so dreamy driving there on a beautiful summers evening. We took the back roads through the foothills of Kunanyi, meandering through forests and fields. Peisha, Tim, and their competent team of staff have created a wonderful destination in a beautiful part of Tasmania.  I'm looking forward to my next visit and dreaming about those burgers. I think I'll be trying the Audrey burger... or maybe the Dennis...


K xx

Find more information on the Ranelagh General Store Facebook page 


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