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Local Pizza | Berriedale

Local Pizza | Berriedale

Tucked away off the main road in Berriedale, close to Southern Tasmania’s Intercity Cycleway, is a little place where, if you’re like me, you’re heart will start bursting with happiness at its mere existence.

I was one of those skinny little kids that would have to be tricked and bribed into finishing meals. But not on pizza night. My mum would make homemade pizza (sometimes we’d buy pizza but that was super rare) and slice after slice would get scoffed. I’ve carried my love of pizza through childhood, and this grown up is still pretty good at scoffing slices.

These days I’m pretty selective about what kind of pizza will float my boat. Mum’s is still pretty good (albeit with a very German, bread-like base), but pizzas with a thick layer of ham, weird processed meats, a bit of onion, capsicum and cheese on a doughy base just won’t do. I’d much rather make my own; that is until I discovered local pizza smack bang in the northern suburbs, creating pizzas so good they’ll bring a tear to your Italian nonnas eye.

Local Pizza is owned and managed by Joel Edwards and Isabella Lubiana. A pizza place seemed like a perfect fit for these two whose creations are influenced by the simple pizzas Isabella’s Italian family create at home. They make their dough using Neapolitan inspired dough techniques, with flour from Australia and imported from Italy. This creates a crispy, yet slightly chewy, perfect pizza base. 

When it comes to toppings Isabella and Joel subscribe to a “less is more” approach. They believe that Italian eating is all about the finer things and less toppings means you can really experience, and appreciate, all the subtleties of each flavour.

Isabella says “when your ingredients are fresh and high quality you don’t need much because their flavour will go a long way, there’s nothing to hide”

A special aspect of Local Pizza is that in Spring and Summer the majority of the fresh produce is sourced straight from the garden. To herald the warmer months the two have, just this week, added new pizzas to the menu influenced by lighter summer flavours. I sampled the Adonis, a lamb pizza, and the Greeno, covered in beautiful spring greens of peas, asparagus and mint. Both are so bloody scrumptious! 

The pizzas are cooked in a super special Italian oven. It’s wood fired with a back up gas system that kicks in if the next log isn’t thrown on at exactly the right time. This ensures that the temperature remains stable, even on a hectic Friday night. It also has a spinning plate which means each pizza constantly moves past the smoldering coals. It’s pretty impressive!

Isabella and Joel are committed to providing access to good quality food for everyone. They’ve opened Local Pizza in an area where businesses, who have any inclination to be part of the “paddock to plate” Tasmanian food revolution, have completely ignored. They believe that you don’t have to live in North Hobart or Sandy Bay to appreciate, or want to buy, good food. Amen to that I say!! And if the steady stream of customers every night is anything to go by, i’d say Local Pizza has started its own food revolution in Berriedale. 

I can’t wait to watch this business go from strength to strength; I can’t wait to ride my bike to Local Pizza along the cycleway for dinner and drinks on a balmy Summer’s evening; and most importantly I can’t wait to eat more of their insanely delicious pizza!!!

Find out more at their site www.localpizzatas.com.au and follow them on Instagram @localpizza

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