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Doughnut Hot Spots | Hobart

Doughnut Hot Spots | Hobart

This week I gorged myself on doughnuts. I've just recovered from my sugar coma enough to write about the experience for you.

I researched the internet for approximately 5 minutes to find out as much history as I could about this much loved sweet treat, but the origins of the doughnut seem to be disputed (feel free to comment with any relevant historical detail here, I'm happy to have my Google researching prowess challenged).

On recent trips to Melbourne I went out of my way to try some of the amazing doughnuts available there. Back in Tasmania I've decided it was time to give Hobart's offerings a try. They didn't disappoint! I've only written about the doughnuts that I know of in the Hobart CBD but I'm sure there are others around and I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of sampling any more that I may came across.

Lady Hester:

This gorgeous business started approximately a year ago when the super talented sister duo Loren and Erin started making and selling Middle Eastern inspired cakes. A spontaneous batch of doughnuts was made when they were experimenting with sourdough, and they haven't looked back since.

The girls credit the success of their doughnuts to the use of sourdough, as it gives them a slightly tart, earthy flavour. The doughnut fillings are inspired and sourced by seasonal, fresh produce at Hobart's Farmgate Market each week.

Lady Hester doughuts are available at select markets and I usually grab mine at Vilicia Coffee as it's nice and close to my work.


Pigeon Whole Bakers

Everybody is familiar with Pigeon Whole Bakers' amazing sourdough bread. The iconic Hobart business started out as a small cafe in West Hobart and has shifted their offerings to an incredible new space in the recently renovated old Mercury building on Argyle Street. I regularly drop by mid-morning to get a loaf of bread and can't seem to head back to work without  grabbing a sweetie as well. When it comes to dough, Baker Jay knows his stuff, his sourdough doughnuts are exceptional. I like to think they're healthy because sourdough is fermented, so that's basically like eating a plate full of sauerkraut or drinking a bottle of kombucha right?



Smolt started up approximately nine years ago and is owned by Scott McMurray, Scott Heffernan, and Kif Weber. They have a strong team of staff and the restaurant is a perfect spot to visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as any other time you might feel like a drink or a bite to eat - so basically any time is a good time to visit Smolt.

With a small selection of treats made in-house, Smolt may not be the first place you think of when you're frantically searching for a doughnut to keep you upright, but their version has a cult following in Hobart. Popular with regulars for a spot of morning tea, these beauties sure are satisfying. My personal favourite is the jam doughnut but they offer other flavours like lemon curd, chocolate, and marmalade.


Glazed Doughnuts

If these doughnuts were a person they'd be a hipster, but I don't mean this in a condescending way, in fact it's what makes them so perfect! Glazed Doughnuts takes an old-school product and makes it intelligent, creative, and totally f'cking cool.

Glazed Doughnuts is the brainchild of April, who, to satisfy a sweet craving, created these holiest of treats. She runs her business concurrently with Small-fry, which is run by Rhys, her partner, and it works pretty perfectly. On the morning I dropped by Small-fry to sample April's work I got there at 9:45am, by 10:30am they had sold out of all the doughnut flavours except one and that was nearly all gone too. I couldn't believe the constant stream of people lining up for take-away doughuts (I also couldn't believe how delicious the coffee and breakfast at Small-fry were, but that's not what this post is about).

April's love of good food is inspired by her mother who was a CWA jam judge. She's inherited her mother's eye (taste?) for detail and confesses to being a perfectionist in the kitchen. When asked what the most important element in making her doughnuts is, April's response encompasses everything. She "makes sure flavours are a complete package (filling, glaze, garnish)" and ensures all her ingredients are of a high standard - butter, sugar etc.

I strongly advise you drop by Small-fry when you're next in town... Heck, head there now before closing time! You won't regret it.

Local Pizza | Berriedale

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