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Welcome to my blog.

On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

Frankie Jones the Label | Mummy and me matching

Frankie Jones the Label | Mummy and me matching

Yes I'm one of THOSE mums. Matchy matchy all the way. One day Teddy will have an opinion on this but not right now. 

If wearing matching leopard print is wrong well... I just don't want to right. 

In these pics we're wearing Frankie Jones the label. You can find more information, and a link to their website, at the bottom of this post.

lifting Teddy above my head in front of cactus in matching leopard print
cuddling baby Teddy in matching leopard print

10 things you may not know about David and I:

  1. We both grew up in Launceston, Tasmania.
  2. We met at Launceston’s Northern Club on a night out after we had both moved to Hobart for work.
  3. We enable each other's love of dining out. Even though we say we’re going to save money, if one of us suggests going out the other one can’t bear to say no.
  4. We both love gardening but our yard is a complete mess right now (hello giant pregnant tum and subsequent newborn).
  5. We both love the Adam Sandler movie That’s My Boy… Questionable taste perhaps.
  6. David makes me breakfast every morning. Yep. Legend. LE-EDGE-END
  7. We can’t work out if Teddy looks more like me or David… Thoughts?
  8. I wear David’s T-Shirts all the time. He didn't let me get away with it until I got pregnant and none of mine fit me anymore. Now it's just become normal. 
  9. We love Friday nights. Even if we don’t do anything exciting we still cook a nice meal and each week feels super special. Like a special date night.
  10. We love beach holidays and both dream of living by the beach one day.


Frankie Jones the label is based in Melbourne Australia. They're a small label hoping to make a big difference, and hoping to keep us babein babes as babein as possible, which I love.

They subscribe to the slow fashion movement which means they keep production local and focus on high quality rather than high quantity outputs. They also care about the future of this planet so their products are created using organic and non toxic materials and dyes. 

I love these philosophies. I do buy cheaper clothing for Teddy sometimes (hello hip pocket). But it hurts my soul when I think I'm supporting something that will leave this planet in even more of a mess for his generation and those after. Businesses like Frankie Jones the label are so important and I'll do my best to spend my money wisely so that I invest in the future of the planet, as well as Teddy's future.

Check out Frankie Jones the Label on their website.

me smiling and Teddy with a scowl in matching leopard print
succulent flower
on a boat shed in matching leopard print
mummy and me matching outfits
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