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Beech Yoki Swimsuit | Fashion

Beech Yoki Swimsuit | Fashion


It seems a slightly odd time in the Tasmanian Calendar to promote a swimsuit. There’s a definite autumnal chill in the air and winter is just around the corner.

Does that really mean that beach weather is over though?

Autumn and early winter provide Tasmanians with such beautiful, sunny, clear, still days that the beach is definitely still on my radar.  In fact these photos, taken before work on Friday 7 April, were taken right before a morning surf, after which I shed my wetsuit and went for a cleansing plunge at Park Beach in Dodges Ferry (the perfect place to play in the waves for a novice surfer like me), South of Hobart. And lets not forget midwinter migration to warmer climes. Lounging by the pool somewhere exotic while everyone back home is rugged up in coats and scarves.


The Yoki swimsuit is amazing. It’s designed in Tasmania and is the collaborative effort of Tasmanian label Beech, and Tasmanian textile artist Yolanda Zarins (Yoki, incidentally, is Yolanda’s nickname).

I love the delicate print Yolanda has created for this piece; it’s soft, feminine, and organic. Her design inspiration comes from the Tasmanian bush and the shapes and patterns really evoke a sense of nature, and natural elements.


The cut of the swimsuit is quite traditional with a hint of versatility. I adore the open back with the straps that criss cross through the waist - aside from the pattern it’s my favourite feature. I had the straps tied in front in a bow at the chest, but you can also bring them behind and tie them at the back of the neck for a different look.

This is the first swimsuit Beech has added to their range. According to the grapevine they’ll be adding some new designs to their summer collection. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for that! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


K xx


If you interested in one of these amazing pieces I recommend you contact Ally + Me as stock is limited.

Find out more about textile artist Yolanda Zarins on her website

These photos were taken at a small bay called Red Ochre Beach next to Park beach, Dodges Ferry. It’s a beautiful spot to visit and explore as it has all kinds of interesting sandstone features and boatsheds, and is sheltered and calm.


Park Beach for surf practice!

Park Beach for surf practice!

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