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Beech Cashmere Tee | Fashion

Beech Cashmere Tee | Fashion


Cashmere is my jam. It gets me all kinds of happy and there’s a few good reasons why:

  • It’s warm. It’s REALLY warm.
    If you’ve worn cashmere you’ll understand what I mean. It must have some amazing thermal properties because it just seems to warm better than any other fibre/material.
  • It’s light. It’s REALLY light.
    The first cashmere item I ever owned was an oversize cardigan and it was revolutionary for me. It warmed me up the second I put it on and yet it was so light that I could scrunch it up and stuff it in a clutch purse - yes really! And it didn’t even wrinkle.
  • It’s soft and cosy. Like OFF THE CHARTS soft and cosy.
    It’s the type of thing you throw on and then realise you have to work all your outfits around it because you’re never taking it off.

The cashmere tee in the Beech yoga range has become a staple wardrobe item for me. The colour I was gifted was Duck Egg and it matches everything - including blue jeans for a relaxed look.

These photos were taken at the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens for David’s dad’s 90th birthday celebrations.


For the photos I teamed it with my leather jacket and some gold details (the starry Mizuni necklace is from Hobart boutique Luxe). The tee also looks super cute tucked into a high waisted maxi skirt for a more flowing, boho look.

Beech’s cashmere is produced in collaboration with Cate Victoria, Beech's London agent who ethically produce high quality cashmere products in Nepal.

If you’re looking for a few warm, versatile, stylish, quality pieces to boost your winter wardrobe I’d suggest visiting Ally + Me online, or in store, and checking out some of these amazing cashmere products.

K xx

Beech Jumpsuit | Fashion

Beech Jumpsuit | Fashion

Beech Yoki Swimsuit | Fashion

Beech Yoki Swimsuit | Fashion