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Bird and Kite Liberty Smock | Fashion

Bird and Kite Liberty Smock | Fashion


It’s no secret that I love wearing white.

I don’t know why that is, it just makes me feel good. Whenever I wear it people ask me how I manage not to get it dirty and, to be honest, that's another thing I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t order spaghetti bolognaise or seafood linguini in a white dress… or perhaps I’m just not a grubby person (that’s not true by the way, just ask my husband).


I don’t often wear floaty pieces like this. Being petite I find they can swamp me and I can get a bit lost in them, but with the Liberty Smock someone has thoughtfully placed seams and lines in the right places. It’s loose but completely flattering.This beautiful, loose fitting dress by Bird and Kite is so nice to wear. 


The dress has beautiful details. It has slightly winged sleeves and on the front it has adorable pockets - perhaps for people like me who awkwardly don’t know what to do with their hands in social situations.

The fabric is rayon and feels beautifully cool and light on the skin. It can be a bit see through (like any light weight, white fabric) but if that's not your thing then a neutral toned slip underneath would easily remedy that.


Definitely consider this one for your degustation or big dinner out - it provides elegance and comfort without the elastic waistline ;)


K xx

Find this amazing dress on the racks or website of Tasmanian boutique Wanderlust Trading Co
Or visit Bird and Kite’s website for further details

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