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Three Warriors | Beauty

Three Warriors | Beauty


Sometimes you stumble across a product that you just can’t help but buy. Three Warriors tanning mousse was that product for me. When I saw it I knew I had to have because

  1. It’s a Tasmanian made tanning product;
  2. It’s made from natural ingredients that won’t compromise your health; and
  3. Three Warriors is a business that is charitable and has a social conscience.

This means that while I stroll around, bronzed, glowing, and feeling fabulous, you’ll also notice a smug little grin on my face because I’ve: supported local; helped a charity; and even did my skin a favour. Not only that but it's also wonderfully easy to apply and it smells amazing.

I was also given testers of the Full Body Life Scrub and and the Gradual Tan cream so I could try them out. They are equally as wonderful as the Tanning Mousse, full of natural, toxic free ingredients.


Three Warriors was created by Corbin Halliday. After more than six years in the hairdressing industry Corbin found himself unwell from the constant exposure to harsh chemicals. His body gave him a clear signal that enough was enough. His health scare and ongoing symptoms spurred him into action. Corbin started researching the effects chemicals have on us daily and his response was to create a beauty product that is free from toxic ingredients. That’s how Three Warriors was born.

The products are a version of what you might find on a chemist shelf but Corbin has made Three Warriors better. He has stripped them of any toxic and chemical additives. In their place are natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and body.

Ingredients like:

  • organic Tasmanian olive oil which heals, moisturises and can reduce scarring;
  • walnut shell containing vitamins B and E which reduce cell damage and slow aging;
  • manuka and leatherwood honey which contain amino acid and collagen and can promote healthy skin, skin elasticity, and new cell growth.

The Tanning Mousse gets applied with a velvet like glove and colour is a beautiful warm tan. Below are pictures of me with and without the Three Warriors tan. The picture on the right is a few weeks earlier when David and I went out for dinner. I hadn't applied any tan. On the left is me with the Tanning Mousse applied. I love both photos, but you can definitely see the contrast in these images - particular the tan on my legs.


I spoke to Corbin about his vision for Three Warriors and his passion for helping others was evident. Not content with overcoming his own personal hardships Corbin is using his business to help bring social change. He currently supports Wello Water, which provides water wheels for villages around the globe that do not have easy access to clean water. His aim is that as the Three Warriors brand grows, so too will his contribution to enterprises for social change.


Three Warriors products are certified:

  • Toxic free
  • Australian made  
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Gaining these certifications took months of product testing and research and are an important aspect of the brand.

I adore Three Warriors products. The Tanning Mousse is easy to apply - streak free and disperses evenly. It gives a beautiful golden glow that will make you feel like you’ve just been on a sunshine holiday, and who doesn’t feel amazing after one of those!


K xx

You can find more information about Three Warriors on their website.
Or on the Three Warriors Facebook page.

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