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On these pages you will find snippets from my life in Tasmania, and information about the best things to visit, see, and do, on the island.

My Closet Market | Launceston

My Closet Market | Launceston

On Saturday the 2nd of May I laced up my Converses and raced over to St Ailbes Hall in Launceston to get to My Closet Market on time. The market has been cropping up on social media feeds quite a bit lately and I knew this was going to be special. One visit and I can completely understand why it's become so popular, who wouldn't want a new (to you) Sass & Bide top for $50?

Naomi Chandler and her friend Claire are the geniuses who came up with the market. They used to run them together until Claire moved away, now each market is run by Naomi with the help of her friends and family members who kindly offer their time on market day.

The concept was born out of necessity so Claire and Naomi could:

a) update their wardrobes on a limited budget (dang budgets!); and

b) avoid eBay and the laborious job of uploading unwanted clothes to the internet

Turns out these enterprising ladies have hit a nerve with the rest of us (no surprises there, who isn't on a budget these days?) and people flock into the hall on market day by the hundreds.

My Closet Market is a treasure trove filled with amazing, affordable clothes and accessories for all budgets and walks of life. The very first market was held in June 2013 at the Windmill Hill hall where the space could fit a maximum of 22 tables. The market has quickly outgrown that space and the new location allows for more than double that amount of tables. There's a $2 entry fee and the types of stallholder you'll encounter is extremely diverse. You'll find online boutiques, new fashion designers, and people from all over the state selling quality wares.

I loved the sense of community at the market when I visited. Being back in my home town of Launceston meant that I bumped into plenty of people that I knew and had some lovely catch-ups; you don't get that shopping online! Naomi organises for a coffee van to park in front of the market and even arranges a live musician for the duration (this is starting to sound like a party; I told you it was good!).

Naomi and Claire have really created something outstanding for the Launceston community and Naomi does an amazing job pulling each market together. Benefits of these types of community initiatives are immeasurable and I hope support for My Closet Market remains strong. Not only does the market foster community spirit and save unwanted clothing from going straight to landfill, Naomi ensures goodwill is paid forward by arranging collections for unsold clothes so they can be donated to charities  across Tasmania.

On this particular Saturday 700 odd people turned up so if you're considering attending next market day I suggest you get there nice and early! More information for My Closet Market can be found here.

A beautiful scarf made its way home with this weekend. I have quite a collection already as a rarely go out without a scarf on so I was super chuffed with that. You can see it in the images below.

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