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Agapé hairdressers | Haircare

Agapé hairdressers | Haircare

Choosing a hairdresser is hard work at the best of times; and Hobart is positively spoilt for choice. I loved my hairdresser in Launceston but when I moved to the other end of Tasmania I really pfaffed around finding the right place - It's a big ask to trust somebody with your hair! I happen to know what a bad haircut feels like. I cut my own fringe in grade four and STILL have nightmares.

Short of consulting a phone psychic I had a couple of considerations in picking the salon for me:

1. Can they cut hair - Initial, pre-haircut analysis meant seeing how trendy the hairdresser's hair, and all their colleagues hair, looked

2. How strong is their coffee game - a lot of salons do not offer a good brew and I'm there to pamper myself people!

3.  how nice are the products they use - yes this includes packaging as it has to look good in the shower (that's what she said!)

4. Do they have an adorable salon pet - this wasn't actually a consideration before visiting Agapé

With these considerations (except number four) in mind, I walked up the stairs off Hobart's Collins Street, and into Agapé. I was first struck by the heavenly scent of coffee. No harsh chemicals in Agapé's products = No chemical smell in the salon. Pretty neat! That was considerations two and three ticked off the list before I'd even walked in the door. The products they use are O&M or Original Minerals, which include ingredients like Tasmanian Sea Kelp and Australian River Mint among plenty of other natural extracts and active minerals.

The salon itself is light and spacious and feels a bit like visiting your stylish best friends flat, there are cute pot plants, billowy curtains and the tea is served in vintage tea cups, AND the girls there are all super gorgeous.

My hairdresser at Agapé is Ira. Her hair is currently pink (very on trend) and she cuts my hair superbly. All the girls there have a wealth of experience in the hair industry, not just in Tasmania but from overseas as well. Consideration one gets the big ol' tick of approval too.

I bet you thought all this was already sounding pretty good but I've saved the best bit til last - Floyd the rabbit. Agapé has a resident pet bunny and, as an animal lover, there's not a lot that I can think of that's better than sitting in the salon chair with a soft, sleepy bunny in my arms, reading fashion magazines or chatting to some lovely ladies. Tick for consideration four.

I look forward to my visits at Agapé every six weeks and I know if you tried it you would feel the same.

If you're in Hobart; you care about the type of product you use on your hair and body; you want a good haircut; and you want to cuddle bunnies, then check them out. You can find Agapé's website with lots of further information here

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