Beech Yoki Swimsuit | Fashion

It seems a slightly odd time in the Tasmanian Calendar to promote a swimsuit. There’s a definite autumnal chill in the air and winter is just around the corner. Does that really mean that beach weather is over though? This swimsuit by Beech the label will convince you that it's not!

Bronx and Banco | Fashion

My husband, David, bought me a gorgeous Bronx and Banco dress from Hobart’s Wanderlust Trading Co for my birthday. It was such a beautiful gift and I was dying to wear it for a special occasion. I got dressed up for our anniversary dinner, but subsequently frolicked around on the beach in it on our special Tasmanian East Coast getaway.

Spotted Quoll Studio | Fashion

I can highly recommend the beautiful clothing that Tamika at the Spotted Quoll has created. I can't fault the design - A classic dress with pockets added? It just doesn't get much better! They are so good on so many levels. Just don’t judge me too harshly if these clothes are all you’ll be seeing me in from here on in. They’re just too nice not to wear!

My Closet Market | Launceston

On Saturday the 2nd of May I laced up my Converses and raced over to St Ailbes Hall in Launceston to get to My Closet Market on time. The market has been cropping up on social media feeds quite a bit lately and I knew this was going to be special.